Presentations by Robert McGarey, M.A.

at 2017 International Virginia Satir Conference

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Workshop Venue (1 of 2)
Around 90 people attended the international IHLRN conference
in Sunriver, Oregon
Workshop Venue (2 of 2)
Most workshops were in circular format to allow everyone to be seen and heard
Bob McGarey made a speech (1 of 3)
Bob presented "How to be Assertive and Loving Too" for 90 minutes at a breakout workshop
Bob McGarey made a speech (2 of 3)
Bob also led a workshop on Dreamwork in another 90 minute breakout session
Bob McGarey made a speech (3 of 3)
He was at his best when he presented "Self-Esteem: The Launching Pad for Transformation"
Workshop Event (1 of 3)
The hour-and-a-half interactive workshop was presented to the entire group at the conference
Workshop Event (2 of 3)
It started with everyone seated in a circle and ended with people connecting face-to-face
Workshop Event (3 of 3)
Satir's approach to self-esteem was examined, then people got to experience it heart-to-heart

And after an hour and a half of workshop exercises on self-esteem and connecting with each other, here's the last 2 minutes, the grand finale.